NewDawnPFO 1.1

The New Dawn Personal Financial Organizer is a free software tool
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The New Dawn Personal Financial Organizer is a completly free software tool that lets you control your personal finances rather than have your finances control you. It provides simple and intuitive user-friendly interfaces that simplify the everyday tasks you need to perform if you want to budget and manage your finances in a controlled and effective way.
The Personal Financial Organizer can save you substantial amounts of money in reduced interest charges, unforseen or unplanned debt, late payment penalties, mortgage foreclosures and unauthorized overdraft charges. It helps you maintain a good credit rating and avoid the stress of mounting and unmanaged debt.
You can link your Personal Financial Organizer to multiple cash accounts, such as a bank current account, credit card account, mortgage account, savings account and investment income account and then debit or credit these accounts with transactions such as utility bills, food and provisions, mortgage repayments and income from employment and investments. You can create a budget and analyze historical income and expenditures for each account.
Main features:
Transaction Manager:
-Reconcile bank account statements by comparing your bank, mortgage or credit card account statements with the Transaction Summary feature
-Use the Transaction Summary feature to budget for future expenditure and income
-Enter multiple, repeat transactions in one operation using the Repeat Transaction feature
-Use the Cash Accounts feature to transfer payments between one account and another
-See instantly future dates where your debt may reach critical levels.
-Discover when your cash flow could fall to dangerous levels.
Account Manager:
-Create, modify or delete transaction accounts
-Add multiple categories to each account to further refine your historic and future expenditure and income projections
-Create multiple cash accounts such as bank accounts, credit and charge accounts, savings accounts, investment income account and mortgage accounts.
Report Manager:
-Analyze the proportions of your expenditure and income by account and category to discover how your disposable income is being used and where your income is coming from.
-Analyze budgeted and actual expenditure to determine how well you have been meeting your budgeted income and expenditure.
-Determine your ability to meet future obligations by projecting how well your cash flow is able to cover your expected liabilities.
-Reconcile your bank, credit card, mortgage and other cash account statements with the transactions that you record for these accounts in the Transaction Manager.

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